Boohoo Social Diary Halloween Party 2013

PR Supremo Tiffany Farrington once again pulled the PR & media industry together in her famous anticipated end of year party.  Sponsored by, the night was awash with a full house of guests all dressed to the Halloween theme of “What are you afraid of?”

Donny Galella (Ambassador for - Photo Courtesy of Latessa Photography

Donny Galella (Ambassador for
Photo Courtesy of Latessa Photography

And the guests didn’t disappoint. There was a parking inspector, a Gina Rhinehart, several Miley Cyrus’s twerking, priests, police sniffer dogs, Gen Y’s, along with many spiders, ghosts and ghouls.


Boohoo Social Diary Halloween Party
Photo Courtesy of David Mackay

Held at Bungalow 8 in Sydney, it was a truly spectacular event with some of the esteemed veteran industry players gathering together and of course the new younger players on the block all mingling together happily.


Photo courtesy: David Mackay

Channel 7’s Style Squad, Donny Galella (recently appointed ambassador to and Melissa Hoyer,  judged the best costumes on the night, and guests drank merrily from an assortment of cocktails and champagne, danced and generally had a great time.

Fashion Show by

Fashion Show by
Photo courtesy of Latessa Photography

The surprise guest of the night was unveiled as Guy Sebastian, who performed his talents on the night. Guests were also treated to the very generous goodie bags filled to the brim, with so many, they had to be brought in by a very large truck.


Boohoo Social Diary Halloween Party
Photo courtesy – Latesssa Photography


PR Industry stalwart, Mark Cavanagh – Cav Con PR, Tiffany Farrington – Social Diary & Joshua Heath – Joshua Heath stylist
Photo: David Mackay was born in 2004 as a membership based online site offering the PR/media/beauty & fashion industry the ability to communicate with each other when events were being held to avoid clashes.

It also offers daily and weekly newsletters, which members can notify changes in media contacts, call outs for products, create industry profiles, advise when celebrities are visiting and has become an invaluable friendly online community and tool to the PR/Media/Fashion & Beauty industries.

To become a member of Social Diary go to 


Boohoo Social Diary Halloween Party
Photos courtesy of David Mackay



Melissa Hoyer – Editor at large – & Style Squad – The Morning Show
Photo courtesy of David Mackay

To see all the images of the Boohoo Social Diary Halloween Party 2013 – click below to the following Facebook pages

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David Mackay Events & Photography

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