Exclusive Q & A with Jodhi Meares on her label, The Upside

Without a doubt, Jodhi Meares has a knack for formulating successful fashion labels.  The former swimsuit model, and ex Mrs James Packer not only founded the Tigerlily label, but also turned into a successful retail chain and sold it for a substantial sum. Now it seems the petite businesswoman is turning her talents back to fashion with her recent active wear label The Upside.

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Candice Swanepoel is the face of The Upside SS13 Campaign


The savvy business woman has a strong knack for understanding the Australian casual market and reading it very well with the every day customer. The Upside is a range of active wear, designed with a strong sports luxe element, which yet again Meares has timed the launch perfectly in terms of trends.


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Candice Swanepoel wearing The Upside

We took a exclusive moment with Jodhi , to discuss her latest venture and how she has managed to strike it right yet again with her customer.

FI: Jodhi, a big congratulations on your new label, The Upside. Being so physically active, was this the inspiration behind the label?

JM: My love of Yoga and sport and not being able to find anything in the market that was both functional and looked modern.

FI:  Tell us about the range, what does it consist of and how many pieces in the range?

JM: The range is approx 150 pieces and is made up of really great leg wear, nylon running shorts, oversized Hoodies, dry release pieces, catsuits and water sports area.  We think we have covered everything that you will need to get fit this summer and look good while you are doing it.

FI: You have worked with David Bush Consulting with the label, how has his consulting services helped?

JM: David Bush is a genius and a person that I have the upmost respect for. We could not have launched The Upside without him.

FI:  Congratulations on getting into Myer and Rebel Sport, what sort of price points can we expect for the line to retail at.

JM: The Upside is competitively priced in the market.  As well as Rebel Sport and Myer we are also available at stylerunner.com and our own web theupsidesport.com

FIYou created Tigerlily which you sold and which was a huge success, did the experience setting up Tigerlilly from scratch help with launching this brand or were their other factors you  had to consider in this difficult retailing climate?

JM: Both, but without question Tigerlily was my first business and it was like doing a degree, I was thrown in the deep-end and had to learn.  Fortunately I had a great team and do believe you company is as good as your team and with The Upside I have put the A-Team back together. Though the market has changed a lot since Tigerlily,  one of the most important factors in business is to be agile and be able to adapt to a market that is just moving faster than even and will continue to (keep up).

FI:  Tell us about your campaign launch, where was it shot and what was the inspiration?  

JM: Candice Swanepoel was the brainchild of our brand manager and PR genius Ali Hainsworth. I have always worked very closely with Ali and taken direction.  She has been spot on with Candice and we could have picked a better person to represent The Upside other than candice. That combined with the brilliant creative mind of Will Davidson we came up with the campaign to shoot on a NYC rooftop as the idea to build The Upside was created in NYC.

Interested in The Upside?

You can buy The Upside at Rebel Sport, Myer,  stylerunner.com as well as theupsidesport.com


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